Making a painful day a good day…

Woke up this morning with my back out of whack. I’ve had so many times when this would have me grumbling and pouting and being mad at the world. My depression on these days was horrid. So glad I’m not in that place any more. Got up this morning and made the decision to make the day work anyway. I chose to feel good about the day even with the pain. Even in depression you have the choice to try to feel even a little better or to dwell in the pain. I choose better.

I did have a big smile that the universe also decided to show me I was on the right path. One of my favorite podcasts and coaches sent out an email about this very subject.

Turning around a bad day

I smiled as I knew it was meant for me to share with all of you. If you haven’t heard of them check it out. These ladies are awesome and will make you laugh and learn.

Hope you have a blessed day! What do you do to turn a bad day around? Leave me a comment below.

My pic is what I decided to do. I play with my puppy. He makes everyday wonderful.

Lazy Saturday…

Sometimes you just need time to relax and regenerate. Today is that kind of day. Teddy and I are hanging out listening to some nice music. Took a nap just because. And are just having a pleasant day hanging out together.

How are you spending your day? Don’t forget to take some time for you. Sometimes you need a break.

See you soon.

Missing pieces…

First off, yesterday was an awesome birthday one of the best I’ve had in years. I think there are a few things that come into play.

  • My depression is mostly at bay for the first time in years
  • I had a wonderful call from my fiancé where he sang me Happy Birthday and O tried to sing with him
  • My grandson came over to spend the weekend (he always makes me smile)
  • A wonderful group of friends and family came over and surprised me with lunch out and my favorite carrot cake YUM!

There were definitely some missing puzzle pieces to the best possible day. My kids were all working or far away and my fiancé was many many miles away.

Here is hoping that next year is even better. All it’ll take is a few less miles and some time with my babies.

So thankful for the amazing day yesterday!


Noticeable difference…

Today I went to a birthday party for a sweet little girl that I've loved dearly since the day she was born. The interesting part of today was the realization to myself at how different I felt while at the party. Her party has been in this same place many times. She loves it there! But the difference wasn't just the age of the sweet little girl, she's growing up way too fast, the difference was I felt great being there!

So in the past I went because I love going and spending time with family and friends for the party. No doubt about that. But at the same time I was in such a deep depression that it took everything in me to make it through the day! If you've ever been depressed you know what I mean. It almost feels like you are walking through cement. You push and push and put on a happy face. You want to have fun your body is fighting you constantly.

Today was SO different! I had a blast! My heart was full of joy and happiness. I feel so blessed to finally be coming out of my depression!

This also reminded me of the fact that so many had tried to help me through these days. I really think I survived some of them only through their support and the joy in the little girls face. She definitely loves her auntie. And her auntie loves her too.

So blessed. You are too. Chin up. You can do it. We all can! My prayer is that some day you have a day of realization like I had today when you truly feel the happiness of yourself and the ones around you. You can and you will. Have faith.

Positivity is Awesome but Difficult Sometimes

Many see me and see that I am a very positive happy person. I am, by choice, not because my life is perfect, not because everything is going wonderful, but because I CHOOSE to be positive and happy.

There were many years where I just thought that I'd never be happy again. Then one day I realized that no matter what is going on in life I can make it better. Sure, I've been depressed for years and years. But I decided a few years ago to do what I want and do what I enjoy. And smiling, even when I'm sad actually makes me feel better. Even just a little better could be huge when depression is kicking your butt. And yes it's hard to smile on those days. But smiling on the outside actually helps on the inside. You trick your body!

Don't believe me? Try it. Just for one day try smiling even when you don't want to. Smiling will help you notice the little things that do make you happy. Seeing those will make you want to smile more! And the more you appreciate those little things the more it'll help you feel happier. And just a little happier can be HUGE when you're depressed.

I hope you take a minute or a day to try it. Smile. It's contagious and makes people wonder what you're up to. 😃