Positivity is Awesome but Difficult Sometimes

Many see me and see that I am a very positive happy person. I am, by choice, not because my life is perfect, not because everything is going wonderful, but because I CHOOSE to be positive and happy.

There were many years where I just thought that I'd never be happy again. Then one day I realized that no matter what is going on in life I can make it better. Sure, I've been depressed for years and years. But I decided a few years ago to do what I want and do what I enjoy. And smiling, even when I'm sad actually makes me feel better. Even just a little better could be huge when depression is kicking your butt. And yes it's hard to smile on those days. But smiling on the outside actually helps on the inside. You trick your body!

Don't believe me? Try it. Just for one day try smiling even when you don't want to. Smiling will help you notice the little things that do make you happy. Seeing those will make you want to smile more! And the more you appreciate those little things the more it'll help you feel happier. And just a little happier can be HUGE when you're depressed.

I hope you take a minute or a day to try it. Smile. It's contagious and makes people wonder what you're up to. 😃

2 thoughts on “Positivity is Awesome but Difficult Sometimes

  1. Lisa Coleman

    I’ve noticed this too! Close to the end of my shift, it really get’s difficult for me to be nice to people who aren’t always nice back. Some of those people get to me at that point in my day. But I’ve been reminding myself to smile during those times, and yes, it does the trick! Great advice, my friend!


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