Some days…

Some days you just wake up and really wonder if there is a 'wrong side of the bed'. This morning I swear I found one! Every little thing went wrong! I was so frustrated and upset that I couldn't decide if I wanted to scream or cry. Pretty sure if another bad thing happened this morning I could have snapped.

I'm really not sure what happened. Just wake from a dream of saving the world from nazi aliens (don't ask me how I could tell but that's what they were… yes WEIRD!) and started my day with just one thing after another going bad. The short list: order got screwed up that was supposed to run overnight, water heater decided not to work (turned out it had an error message so easy fix thankfully), made a pit stop that should take 5 minutes and instead it took 20, forgot the salsa to go with my lunch, need I go on?

Just so glad that things did get better. I try to be pretty positive, but today really pushed me to the limit. Been there? Hang in there. It can and will get better.

Note to Self: reread this the next time you have one of those days!

One thought on “Some days…

  1. Lisa Coleman

    Yup! We all have those days!! I try to stay positive by feeling that it means something wonderful is about to happen. Even if it doesn’t, it gets me through the bad days with no casualties!! Lol

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